Meandering in Marlow

Marlow High Street

This week I had a meeting in the lovely Thames-side town of Marlow. With a couple of hours to kill and the sun lifting my spirits, I decided to go for a wander.

Marlow is one of the most sought-after towns in Buckinghamshire. With its positioning along the river with speedy links to London, great schools and a boutique filled high street, Marlow attracts many the wealthy commuter and house prices have subsequently rocketed.

Taking a short stroll down the high street it is obvious that Marlow caters itself perfectly to its inhabitants. Independent shops line the street and cafes offering fresh and organic fare are crammed with yummy mummies sipping their herbal teas. Oh and there was bunting, lots of bunting. Which is surely only ever a good thing?


Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Bunting Marlow

Being priced out of most of the designer stores and antique shops I headed for the river which is nestled at the bottom of Marlow Park. I used to come here a lot as a child and it is still massively popular with families enjoying the sunshine. There is even an al fresco Costa Coffee here now, which was overrun with tired parents and boisterous kids.

Marlow Park

Ice Cream Van Marlow

Escaping the mayhem of the summer holiday crowd, I pressed on to the river. It is always peaceful there regardless of whether you happen to be surrounded by crowds. Neatly manicured gardens surround the waters edge and ducks paddle contently in the shallows.

Marlow Court Garden

Marlow River

Marlow The Thames

Unfortunately I had work to do so pulled myself away from the calm of the river back to the bustling town. I joined the throngs of Mums and OAPs in Cafe Copia, a colourful cafe serving fresh grub and organic tea.

Marlow Cafe Copia

Marlow Green Tea

Whilst I sat sending emails and nursing a pot of Organic Green Tea, I was touched to witness the amount of local spirit the owners and their customers had. The waitresses chatted with the elderly regulars, laughing away, and waved to people popping their head in to say hello.

Although I love the feel and vibrant youthfulness of the big cities, I forget how nice a little personal touch can be and it was heart-warming to witness the sense of community and local pride there is here. Although, it’s hard not to be proud when you live in a place as lovely, quaint and perfectly British as Marlow.

Where have you guys been this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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