2014 UKC Graduation

The Final Farewell to Canterbury

As you may have noticed the blog posts have been a little bit sparse this week as I’ve been busy shaking off my post-holiday blues with my final official trip to my university town of Canterbury. Canterbury has popped up a couple of times in this blog, such as here and here and I’m sure I’ve made it clear how mildly obsessive I am over this little pocket of the world. However, this week marked the end of an era, my graduation.

At the University of Kent we are lucky enough to graduate in the spectacular surroundings of Canterbury Cathedral, it is one of the main selling points of the university and a great treat after all our hard work. However, being students still (I will always be a student at heart!) we decided to start the week in a lot less classy surroundings. Being too poor to afford to rent a house on campus for the whole week, yet desperate to prolong the graduation celebrations for as long as possible, we decided to pitch a tent on one of the sports fields. Desperate I know. You don’t realise just how unwilling I am to have my student status revoked!

Now, this was probably trespassing and therefore probably illegal so we washed down the fear of capture with plenty of beer and boxed wine as the sun set.

San Miguel Beer

Drinking Outdoors

Kent Countryside

Although it made sleeping in the tent a whole lot easier, waking up feeling…slightly under the weather wasn’t ideal. Waking up at sunrise with a banging head in a tent/sauna isn’t the best start to the first week of our adult lives.

After soothing our sore heads and growling tummies with a stomach full of McDonalds, graduation beckoned. The weather was perfect -perhaps just not for camping…- as hundreds of graduands (your title before you’ve officially graduated) descended on Canterbury. We were dressed up in our formal attire and ceremonial gowns, ready to take the first step into adulthood. The cathedral was decked out for the day and our ceremony was given a classical backing track with a full brass orchestra and organ accompaniment. The setting was simply something else. It was like you were graduating from Hogwarts.

Canterbury Cathedral Windows

Canterbury Cathedral Graduation

Graduation Canterbury

It was a great day which I even managed to enjoy after an hour and a half of solid clapping. I have loved every bit of university and hopefully have managed to squeeze everything I can from Canterbury. I am so sad to let it all go but I need to keep reminding myself that it only means that there are plenty more adventures to come. The Student Travels may have graduated but you ain’t seen nothing from her yet!



9 thoughts on “The Final Farewell to Canterbury

  1. Adi, the Happy Lifeaholic says:

    Gosh I haven’t even officially started at UKC yet, and I’m already excited about graduation, haha! Two weeks to join, and another 2 to graduate. 😀
    Seriously though, the cathedral looks spectacular!


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