Ice Cream

A Wander Around Vassiliki, Lefkas


Today we ventured to Vassiliki, a windy port town famed for its water-sports. Twisting down the mountain roads, the sea was speckled with boaters and wind-surfers all descending on the town. Unlike Nidri, Vassiliki seems catered towards a more upmarket clientele with luxury yachts bobbing alongside local fishing boats in its harbour.

Vassiliki Harbour

The town was quiet as most of its visitors had passed through earlier in the day, boarding boats bound for the local beaches or for day trips to the neighbouring islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca. Its quiet streets gave the town a relaxed air and the light breeze which whistled through its winding lanes took the edge off the fierce afternoon heat.

We popped under a veranda for some ice-cream. The Greeks have an amazing selection of commonplace ice-cream flavours, including Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Bueno and Snickers. I went for the latter. And it was good.

Greek Ice-Cream

Greece is famed for its ever-present collection of cats. They are forever roaming the streets or wrapping themselves around your legs when you’re trying to eat. So far they had all been mangy with gammy eyes or a limp. This kitten, however, was perfection. I just had to stop for a cuddle.

Greek Cats

When I finally put the kittens down, we decided to head into the town for an explore around its shops. Although a lot of the shops were selling the traditional tourist tat, there were also a lot of independent shops selling hand-crafted jewellery and crafts. The price tags were hefty so I didn’t end up with any purchases but it was nice to see something other than garish Lefkas tea-towels and plastic keyrings lining the shelves. These bug bracelets and this wind chime haven were personal favourites of mine.

Lefkas Shops

Lefkas CraftsAfter a long peruse around the boutique lined streets we headed home. A charming town which is well worth a visit, just remember to avoid the day tripper crowds!



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