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Aye, Aye Cap’n!

Greece Watersports

So, today we rented our own private boat. Which was pretty darn cool. We picked up the boat from Nidri, where eagled-eyed readers will remember we had visited beforehand. At 70euros for the four of us, it wasn’t too bad value, although fuel added another 30euros to the bill.

Greece Boat Hire

We headed off into the blue and someone was silly enough to let me take the wheel. This little thing could pick up some speed which was quite hair-raising in the crowded bay. We quickly whizzed away from the crowds and headed to the privately owned island of Scorpios. Scorpios is owned by the famous multi-millionaire Onassis family, although rumour has it that it is currently being rented by a Russian billionaire. Whoever was there had a pretty impressive yacht moored alongside it! As one of Greece’s only privately owned islands, you’re not allowed on land, it is guarded by a thirty-five strong security team who quickly spot any intruders.

Lefkas Boat Hire

We cruised around numerous islands, letting the wind whip our hair and lounging in the sun. Whenever we spotted a deserted cove we would anchor the boat and dive in, exploring underwater rock formations or sunning ourselves on our own private slice of Greek beach. This really was the life.

After stopping for a beer on the inhabited island of Meganissi, we reluctantly had to take the boat back. I would definitely recommend this form of transport to anyone, it beats a crowded tour boat hands down. When you are travelling in larger numbers it would also probably work out better value than paying 50 euros each for a packed cruise.

Windswept, and just a little sunburnt, we headed back to the villa just in time to watch the sun set. I could get used to this.

Greek Villa


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