Day Three in Lefkas: Beaches and Expanding Bellies

Greece Sea View

We have been greeted by this ridiculously stunning vista every time we have stepped out of the villa. Now was our chance to explore it at ground level. Avoiding the steep cliff edge walk to the beach, we instead opted to take a short boat trip from Agios Nikitas which dropped us straight onto the softly pebbled sand. Dumping our stuff on the shore, I wasted no time in jumping into its clear blue sea which was perfect for swimming. Again, the snorkelling was none existent here but it was enough just to marvel at the never-ending blue which stretched in-front of you as far as the eye could see.

The view from the shore wasn’t half bad either. We had chosen to get the last boat from the town in order to make the most of this popular beach at its quietest time. We practically had the beach to ourselves with only a sprinkling of German nudists for company!

Greek Beach

Agios Nikitas Beach

Lefkas Sunset

As the sun went down we packed up our things and began the steep ascent up the cliff side. Remind me why we did it this way again?! Saying that the views over the beach became increasingly beautiful as we trudged higher and higher towards our villa.

Back at the villa, the walk had left us peckish. Our James Villa Rep had recommended a family run taverna in the small town of Tsoukalades, hidden up a small dirt track off the main road. With stomachs grumbling we heading out in pursuit of yet another Greek meal.

The taverna was surprisingly easy to find and crowded with children, cats and large Greek families. It definitely felt like you had left the tourist trail! Our friendly host took us into her kitchen where pots of various meat dishes sat bubbling on the stove. We chose to share the Goat Stew, Pork with Lemon and Stuffed Tomatoes. It was great to see that everything had been cooked by hand and prepared from fresh that evening.

Greek Eating

After the obligatory starter of Tzatziki and Halloumi, with some amazing boiled green beans thrown in, our mains arrived.

Greek Dinner

Greek Food

The goat stew was my favourite, with the meat simply falling off the bone. I had never tried goat before and had expected it to be quite tough so I was pleasantly surprised!

The taverna itself was lovely and relaxed, vines twisted above your head and old Greek men sat together drinking and watching the football.

Lefkas Restaurant

After a plate of complimentary watermelon (a great palette cleanser after garlicky Tzatziki!) we were invited to join the men to watch the football. Unfortunately we had to be up early the next morning as we were hiring a boat for the day. On the journey home Germany managed to score five goals and we massively regretted not sticking around for that! With full tummies we settled down for an early night, basking in the warm Greek hospitality we had received that evening. Everyone here seems genuinely happy to help you and look after you here, a stark contrast from the unfriendly service I had received in Croatia. It is amazing how much difference a friendly smile can make.


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