Lunching in Lefkas

Greek BeachesAs the title of this post suggests, the past coupled of days have been centered around food. Lots of food. Lots of amazing, fresh, lovingly made Greek food. I have been in heaven. Scatter in a couple of beach visits and a whole lot of pool lounging and I would say that its been a pretty successful holiday thus far.

Greek salad anyone? This is obviously a holiday staple, and one which my Dad has down. A mix of feta cheese, cucumbers, red onions, peppers and olives. With a side of crusty bread, boiled eggs and the best olive oil I’ve had in a while, I don’t complain when we have leftovers for breakfast.

Greek Salad Dressings

Greek Salad

Greek Olive Oil

Now for a ‘beachy interlude’ and a trip to the rugged beach at Tsoukalades. We have just started to properly explore Lefkas’ varied coastline and it has no disappointed. White pebbled sand stretches into some of the clearest and pristine waters I’ve ever seen in the Med. You don’t even need a snorkel to spot schools of fish frolicking in the depths. That being said, the snorkelling has let Lefkas down a tad. There are spectacular underwater rock formations, just not the variety of fish-life that I had expected. But then there is a good enough view on land to make up for it.

Lefkas Beach

An afternoon at Tsoukalades was followed by an evening drive to the touristy coastal town of Nidri. We decided to take the scenic route which cuts straight through the island. It is great to have the luxury of a car abroad, we travelled along treacherous mountain roads and held our breaths around hair-pin bends, all of which would have been inaccessible and left undiscovered if we had to rely on public transport. We wouldn’t have bumped into views like this.

View Lefkas

Church Lefkas

We passed through the former island capital and centre of traditional crafts, Karya. A charming town perched high in the mountains with stunning views over the forested valley. We made a mental note to spend an afternoon over coffee here, savouring its views once more.

Nidri was quite a comparison to sleepy Karya. Nidri is the main tourist hub on Lefkas and its crowded streets and flashy neon signs brought me back to memories of Kavos. Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but I did see a sign for English Breakfasts, just saying. After a walk along the strip we settled for dinner at bustling harbour-front restaurant, ‘The Barrel’ . It had received rave reviews in the guest book at the villa so it would be rude not to check out its local offerings.

Nidri Lefkas

We started with Tzatziki, Halloumi and Stuffed Vine Leaves.

Greek Food

Halloumi Greece

Again, everything was so fresh and tasty. You even felt like you were being healthy! I decided to choose something more hearty for my main course, the famous Beef Kleftiko. A Kleftiko is a variation of our English casserole, a dish of meat, potatoes, peppers and feta cooked in paper. It is superb.

Stifado Greece

Kleftiko Greece

Worth nine euros of anybody’s money! Full and satisfied we wandered back through Nidri. As I mentioned in my last post there were meant to be Saint’s Day celebrations happening in the town. If there were then we couldn’t find them! Instead we watched throngs of worshippers being ferried over to the tiny island chapel just off the shore. We also occupied ourselves in the market which sold an impressive collection of toys, food and even animals.

Market Stall Greece

Lefkas Market

Fish Market Greece

Bird Market

Watches Market

We finished our evening with a bag of some of the best and juiciest cherries I’ve ever had. The cherry on top of a great day, literally…

Cherry Market


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