Infinity Pool Greece

An Introduction to Lefkas

Greece Plane

I have finally arrived in Lefkas after a rude 2am wake-up call followed by a delirious three hour flight which touched down in sunkissed Greece at 11.30am local time. A quick zip across the highly underwhelming ‘floating bridge’ and we were in Lefkas Town. The streets were lined with rustic bakeries and bustling tavernas with posh yachts bobbing in the harbour. We stopped off for one of my favourite Grecian snacks, a spinach stuffed pastry before heading to our villa.

Spinach Pastry

Greece Car Rental

After forcing the car to traverse an impossibly steep rocky slope, we had reached the villa. At such an elevation, the views weren’t too shabby at all!

Lefkas Beach

Lefkas Scenery

As soon as we got to the villa, it was straight in the amazing infinity pool to cool off. The villa overlooks some spectacular mountainous scenery. The view is relatively unspoilt by developments but some fancy looking building sites seem to be threatening the future of this perfect vista.

Greece Infinity PoolWe are renting the villa from James Villas, a company we have used a couple of times before and have never been disappointed. We are staying in Villa Athina which is advertised as ‘The Best of James’. This is obviously due to its attention to detail, with cute trinkets and ornaments scattered around the house. This miniature tree was my favourite!

Miniature TreeAfter a couple of hours relaxing poolside we headed into the town, not before admiring the incredible seascape which greets us as soon as we step out of the door.

Greece SunsetThe closest town, Agios Nikitas is a steep clamber down the hillside or a speedy two minute journey by car. Unsurprisingly we chose to take the latter option and found a spot to park along the surrounding busy streets. Agios Nikitas is comprised of a single pedestrianised cobbled road, flanked with cute gift shops and lively traditional tavernas. I was pleasantly surprised that most signs and restaurant menus were still written in Greek rather than serving up English Breakfasts or blaring vintage episodes of ‘Friends’. Kavos has obviously scarred me!

Agios NikitasAfter a wander down to the lovely but crowded beach, we left the crystal waters in search of some traditional Greek grub. Agios Nikitas offers many authentic options and we ended up choosing an airy taverna crammed with Greek diners, that must mean that they are doing something right!

Greece Taverna

Greece Flowers

One of the first things I like to do when visiting a new destination is to try out their local brew. Here, Mythos is the local beer of choice yet is still disappointingly expensive for a provincial pint. I can’t really complain as, at 3.50 Euros for half a litre, its is still cheaper than beer at home it’s just not the ‘cheaper than water’ equivalent beer can be in other European resorts.  I obviously ended up ordering the largest size possible…

Mythos Beer

Mythos Beer Greece

The menu offered a wide selection of local fare. We plucked for Tzatziki, Olives, Greek Salad and Eggplant Salad (or dip as it turned out) to start. Everything tasted so fresh (and so garlicky!) reaffirming why Grecian cuisine ranks so highly on my list of the best food around. I followed the starters with Moussaka, one of the greatest Greek dishes in my humble opinion. It did not disappoint.

Greek Food


With tummies filled with tasty Grecian specialities, we headed back to the villa to enjoy the sunset. As we are based on the West side of the island, we have the best seats in the house to watch the magnificent sunset.

Lefkas SunsetAs the sun deserted our first day here, I am left itching to explore this place. Tomorrow we will be heading down to our local beach as well as checking out a religious festival and feast which is taking place close to the resort of Nidri. The festivities are said to continue well into the night and if they are like any other Greek celebrations I’ve seen, then I’m in for a treat.

Mythos Beer


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