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The Best Bars and Nightclubs in Hvar, Croatia

As most of you are probably aware, I recently holidayed on the shockingly stunning Croatian isle of Hvar.

(If you missed me blabbing on about it, check out my trip here).

Hvar is rapidly emerging as one of the summer party destinations so here is a quick fire list of the best bars and clubs to visit in the lovely Hvar Town.

Kiva Bar

A firm backpacker favourite. The cheapest beer I could find in the town at around £1.50 for a bottle of the local brew. This place is always packed but is very tiny indeed. Great if you want to get sweaty jumping around to some pretty decent popular tunes.

Nautica Bar

Right next door to Kiva. Buy your beer from Kiva’s al fresco bar and bring it into Nautica for a more breathable dancing environment. Beers are only 50p more expensive here but you might as well save the pennies. They do great cocktails if you want to push the boat out.

Archie’s Bar

Set on the pretty main square, Archie’s Bar is quite pricey but has a great relaxed atmosphere. The shared cocktails are expensive and very sparing but taste delicious. A place to go if you’re not the one picking up the tab…

Hula Hula Bar

Hidden further along the coast, Hula Hula is a little walk away from the main town. Marketing itself as the best place to see the sun set (a bold but not wholly unfounded statement), Hula Hula kicks off early with crowds flocking there around 5pm. Head there for dinner and indulge in their shared seafood stacks which are around £10 per head. Very chilled.

Delfin Bar

The place to go to catch the remaining World Cup matches! Watching the Brazil vs Croatia opening match there was quite an experience as the bar is frequented by locals and tourists alike. A pint of beer here is around £2.50. The burgers looked spectacular too!

Pink Champagne

As much as I massively disliked this club I have to include it on this list as it is the only club in town open after 2am. Horrifically expensive, wait until the bouncers get desperate for customers and lower the entrance fee before heading in. We managed to wait on the kerb until the price went down from 100 kuna to 50 kuna (just over £5).

Make sure you’ve had enough drinks before you go in as beer can be as much as £5 for a bottle.

You’ll also have to have a shower before bed as smoking is permitted in the claustrophobic bar and your hair and clothes will end up stinking of smoke. Even the music is rubbish (unless you enjoy all that boom, boom, boom stuff). Yeah I really didn’t enjoy this place…

Carpe Diem

The most exclusive club in Hvar. Positioned on its own private island, Carpe Diem’s wooded dancefloor and outdoor pool is often privately booked for celebrity clients. The £10 entry fee includes your choppy boat crossing, just be careful if you get seasick! A must visit on your Hvar holiday.

Sunset Hula Hula Hvar

Sunset at Hula Hula. The perfect place for a beer.


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