So Long Canterbury

Today was D-Day. The end of my three years studying in Canterbury, Kent.

Aside from lamenting my amazing university experience, saying goodbye to Canterbury and its ancient winding streets forever full of endless surprises, was devastating. I have spent three years desperately squeezing all I could from this micro-city and its surrounding towns and sprawling countryside.

This little pocket of East Kent will forever be crammed with memories of fiery sunsets and spontaneous adventures.

The only fitting way to put Canterbury to bed was to visit the Cathedral one last time before my graduation in July.

Early evening is the best time to visit this mystical place.

At around 5pm, the crowds have evaporated and the slowly fading light shows the cathedral in all its romantic glory. Wandering round its perfect gardens and the spooky bowels of its atmospheric crypt was a perfect way to say my goodbyes.

So, farewell Canterbury, I am honoured to have shared three years of your endless history with you.

Canterbury Cathedral


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