Croatia: The Packing Essentials

I go to Croatia in T-minus two days!

The time is finally upon my three girl pals and I to jet to the beautiful party fuelled island of Hvar off the glittering coast of Croatia. Frequented by the rich and famous as much as the good ol’ backpacker set, the island is said to be a paradise for those in desperate need for a cocktail or two on its pebbled beaches.

Whether you’re staying in a tiny apartment (like me!) or living it up on a luxury yacht (we will find you…) Hvar’s hospitality is legendary. So what am I going to pack for such a place? Here’s a little glimpse into my holiday suitcase…

– Good Holiday Reads: There is going to be a lot of lounging around on this holiday, which is quite unusual for me! I’m not much of a sunbather so a good read is vital to keep me entertained at the beach. I’m bringing Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I have finally able to read again after finishing my degree and I’ve been half way through Marquez for sometime now! I’m also packing this months issue of Wanderlust which has a great piece on Croatia in it, Hvar even gets a little mention! It will also allow me to start planning the next trip… 

Wanderlust Travel Magazine


Holiday ReadsCurrency: I always make sure I travel with enough cash to see me through short breaks so I don’t have to incur any extra transaction fees.

For this week-long trip I’ve budgeted £210 worth of Croatian Kuna. The exchange rate isn’t too bad at the moment so hopefully we will be able to snap up some bargains out there!

Just a word of warning Croatian Kuna sounds a lot like Czech Koruna… The Post Office gave us the wrong currency and luckily we checked as it had to be pre-ordered.

ALWAYS make sure you have been given the correct currency!

Holiday Currency

– Dress to Impress: I shelled out and decided to put a bag in the hold. I split it with one of the girls so we both didn’t have to fork out cash for unnecessary luggage space. I usually try and travel light but this enabled me to pack all my liquids and towels as well as allowing space to bring back some (hopefully cheap) spirits (I’ve not left uni just yet…) Clothing wise my essentials are a good bikini as I am forever in the sea snorkelling and swimming and a scarf to tie up your hair or cover your shoulders from the heat. With plans to blag our way aboard a fancy yacht I’m stuffing my case with elegant maxi dresses for quick-fix glam.

Silk ScarfBikini

That’s just a few of my Croatian essentials. I might actually have to stop blogging and start packing soon…

Holiday Packing

I will attempt to briefly blog when I’m away but if I don’t make it then I will try and keep my Twitter feed updated @StudentRucksack. Stay tuned and I will see you on the other side!

P.S- Sorry about the picture quality, I fear my iPhone is slowly giving up on me…



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