Summer Garden Party

Top 5 Ways to Host a Budget Friendly Garden Party

The sun is shining, the cider’s chilling in the ice bucket and your faultlessly orchestrated playlist is creating that perfect party vibe. But hey, this scene can’t be right?! Aren’t you supposed to be poor students living off a diet of cold baked beans and daytime television? Although we may divulge in one too many episodes of ‘Jeremy Kyle’ it doesn’t mean us students can’t be sophisticated once in a while.

Here is how to plan your quintessential British garden party on a budget…


1- Pimms: The vital British summer beverage. Don’t be spending £12 a pop for the real deal down at Tesco, head to Aldi where the same amount costs just over £4. It tastes the same too so no one will be able to tell… While you’re in Aldi, pick up some bargain fruit to make the most of this summer staple.

Garden Party

2- Bunting: We managed to score this paper bunting from the eclectic Danish shop Tiger. Costing only £1 for 10 metres it is almost cheaper than making your own and brings a little colour to any outdoor space.

Chalk ArtChalk Drawing

3- Chalk: Pick up some packs of chalk from Poundland and hand them out to your guests. Let them amuse themselves with games of hangman or personalizing the garden. Works great for embellishing the plain garden shed, fence or paving slabs.

Summer Party4- Sunshine!: The best things in life are free… But if it’s raining on your big day don’t panic! You can always move the party indoors, lay down some rugs and ring up the bunting around the living room for an indoor picnic.

Garden Incinerator

5- Buy an incinerator:  A rendition of ‘Kumbaya’ anyone? At only £19 from Wilkinsons get your housemates to chip in for an incinerator. Trust me, this is one of the best investments of your university life. Hands down. Invite your friends to bring their poorly graded essays, photos of exes and general university spam to get those flames going. For that rustic touch roast some marshmallows or make American-inspired smores. A great focal point of the party and highly practical for those chilly summer nights.


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