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My Travel Hotspots

I’ve never been able to visualize all the places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit on a map before. It’s all too easy to forget the massive scale of this planet and just how tiny our, personally mammoth, explorations really are. Dropping the little pins all over this world map made me worry how little I’ve really seen, despite dedicating quite a lot of time trying to tick more places off the list. Continents remain unexplored, the whole of Africa, South America, that massive expanse of Russia. Now I know travelling isn’t just about knocking the countries off one by one but this map makes me realise just how much there is still left out there. It seems like the perfect mix of petrifying and exciting, the world is almost never-ending in what it can offer us travellers, there is always something new to see or do. So if you’re debating taking that next trip, whether that’s a gap ‘yah’ or simply a weekend in a B&B down the road- do it. There is so much possibility out there, start looking for it.

What does your map look like? Try it here:

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